• Notice: Goin’ fishing

    Just(temporarily) removed the comments feature from the blog. I’m taking some time off and am going to try to stay offline for the week. So if you usually send me email–don’t. It will be bad enough when I return. Regular postings–and comments–to resume around September 4th. Where are we going? off da grid. More when… Continue Reading

  • Vin Crosbie: Google’s view of news

    Vin Crosbie’s done an analysis of Google news sources for a project, and generously shares the results on his blog. Vin says “Although Google spiders more than 4,500 news sources, only about dozen account for the vast majority of stories on Google News. And two of those dozen predominant sources are owned and operated by… Continue Reading

  • Customer Satisfaction–The distance between

    Paid Content points to an Infoworld story on portals, news sites,search engines and customer satisfaction (or lack thereof) as reported by the most recent University of Michigan American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). What’s interesting here is not that Google (once again) leads the pack, but that there are some telling gaps between competitors in these… Continue Reading

  • AOL sales exec joins Friendster

    When you’ve got big plans, you want folks from big companies is the mantra for some maturing startups–clearly including Friendster who just announced they’ve brought in ex-AOL sales Veep Charles Barrett to run–yes,you guessed–sales. More interestingly, perhaps, is the fact that Barrett was the guy who monetized Geocities for Yahoo after that acquisition–a fact that… Continue Reading

  • Money for good: VC”s spread the wealth

    News that Technorati and Socialtext have both secured new VC funding–congrats Dave and Ross (two of the most passionate CEOs I know). This builds on the news that Feedburner also received VC cash in the past few weeks. As great as the news of the money is the fact these companies are starting to become… Continue Reading

  • (Non-work) Blogs I am digging

    Some new (to me) favorites to share: Owner’s Manual, Lee Watters Right after BlogOn, my friend Lee Watters started blogging. A few weeks later he decided to leave his job. Now he’s writing about acting as a channel to some entities. And blogging daily. Even if I have a little trouble imagining someone I know… Continue Reading

  • Jarvis: How blogging will change journalism

    The often brilliant and never boring Jeff Jarvis has written a wise post about how blogging will change journalism. Reading it through, I realized that while I am totally tired of the ‘Is blogging journalism?” thread, this is a different conversation I do care about. A snippet from Jeff: “Now we are seeing that if… Continue Reading

  • Crediting blogs(and bloggers)

    I was on the original email discussion with Rafat Ali about some news sources consistent failure to credit blogs (and bloggers) for breaking news and analysis. I watched with interest as this thread turned into a series of posts, including this one from Om, another from John Battelle, another from Steve Rubel, one from Jason… Continue Reading

  • Scott Allen: Making introductions online

    The always practical Scott Allen has an excellent post about the etiquette of making introduction online. Some tips on what to include in an email to a contact when introducing a colleague: –Who you are ? If the person you are contacting may not recognize you immediately by name, you should start with a brief… Continue Reading