Crediting blogs(and bloggers)

I was on the original email discussion with Rafat Ali about some news sources consistent failure to credit blogs (and bloggers) for breaking news and analysis. I watched with interest as this thread turned into a series of posts, including this one from Om, another from John Battelle, another from Steve Rubel, one from Jason Calcanis, and one from Tom Biro. Since then, the meme’s filtered out to Pamela Parker at ClickZ, Anil’s links, and then some. I haven’t posted myself until now because I see this as an ethical problem more than a blogging problem–in other words, people have been ripping each other off for centuries, we know it’s wrong, and we should all point fingers–but hey, it’s old behavior that’s moved to a new sphere and as such it seems a tad idealistic–or at least out of my scope of influence–to take on finding a solution.
On the other hand, the idea of urging CNET and other news sites to link outside of the story they file to give credit is right on–and that’s where the change CAN take place.