Freedom of Music Choice blog=Attack of the PR Hordes?

Paid Content notes that Real Networks has launched a new blog called Freedom of Music Choice. The number of exclamination points in the copy on the main page(about a thousand) and the breathess tone of the writing remind me of the completely fake but pretending to be real kids and women’s sites launched by ad agencies for their clients back in the first boom.
When the blog invites visitors to ‘Stand Up for Your Rights to Freedom of Music Choice.’ it makes me cringe.
The accompanying press release for the program also reads like pure commercial blather: “This limited time sale celebrates the Freedom of Choice made possible by the release of the free RealPlayer 10.5, the first product that integrates Real’s revolutionary new Harmony Technology.”
Real, improve the voice of this blog, or risk getting grouped with P&G’s Tampax Beinggirl, Nestle’s Your Baby Today, General Mill’s, and other purely promotional efforts.
You can do better.
(Note: I understand this is a play by Real Networks against Apple; I just wish the blog portion was better executed at launch.)

Update: Rafat reports they took the comments down this am–guess it really was b****t.