NJ Governor McGreevey : “I am a Gay American.”

Explaining that his homosexual orientation and outside of his marriage affair threatened the office of the Governor, James E. McGreevey , wife Dina Matos McGreevey at his side, resigned today, a year before his term was due to expire.
The father of a 2 1/2 year old, McGreevey and his wife were married in 2000. McGreevey who also reportedly has children from a previous marriage, halted gay weddings in Asbury Park, NJ in May 2004, saying “The state is bound by the court, and the court has held that it is not legal. Ultimately, we’re a nation of laws, and we need to abide by the laws.”
The Governor’s resignation will be effective Nov. 15.
Blogosphere comments here and here. Jersey guy Jeff Jarvis has a good set o’NJ links on this story.
While some are saying this is a neat way to avoid discussing corruption scandals, my take is that is an amazing personal declaration–to be followed by more news, no doubt.
Republican blogger Slantpoint says McG. had been accused of sexual harassment–by a male aide–and points to unreliable, anonymous gossip from March 04 about McGreevey and former advisor Golan Cipel
Did the wife know previously or is she gobsmacked?
Either way, going through this in public is going to be a living hell.
Wow. Update: Robert Sterling says the wife was a beard–and knew all along.