(Non-work) Blogs I am digging

Some new (to me) favorites to share:
Owner’s Manual, Lee Watters
Right after BlogOn, my friend Lee Watters started blogging. A few weeks later he decided to leave his job. Now he’s writing about acting as a channel to some entities. And blogging daily. Even if I have a little trouble imagining someone I know channeling incorporal masters, I enjoy his posts, especially ones like this one:
“If you always operate from the truth, you won’t burn any bridges or have to remember what you said. Dancing around what’s really up just leaves you embarrassed and vaguely unhappy with yourself — and it’s truly bad form. Watch your form, it’s what others really remember after you’re gone.”
Trickster! Jason Cherovokas
Accomplished journalist Chervokas is writing about his diagnosis of bipolar disorder(lite) with an openness that represents the best of blogging–and a ton o’ courage:
“For 40 years my life consisted of the constant simultaneous knowledge that my own greatness was both inevitable and impossible; I lived a wrenching existence hanging between the belief that I had to achieve and the certainty that I couldn’t; I couldn’t (and still can’t) fully enjoy even the most mundane pleasures–every movie I see, every book that I read, every meal that I eat, every simple experience in my life no matter how momentarily good is always full of destructive flaws that make it not so good after all. (This is why I was a very successful art and media critic.) In the end I found myself inhabiting only that empty space in the middle which I desperately tried to fill, shoveling into myself knowledge or drugs or shoveling out of myself words or music or drawings, searching through religions and therapies, hunting for anything that would deliver a sense of peace and satisfaction that never came.”
This is an awesome blog.
Hammer & Peg, Receptionista: The girl’s single in Seattle(not NY, as I first thought–thanks, Julie), crafty(as in embroidery), funny, and smart. Ya gotta love her.
Recent post: “There were lots of things i should have learned in college. math, for one. and i should have paid more attention to world history. geography also would been really helpful out here in the real world. sometimes i feel like a yokel for not knowing where nambia is. keg stands should not have been my minor. for that matter, learning how to do shots of jaeger shouldn’t have been so high on my list of things to master. and if anything, these are things i probably should have stopped studying when i got out of college. i’m no longer in training for the beer bong olympics of 2002. ”
And her embroidery rocks, too.
Finally, my celebs, gossip and swarmy pop culture fixations are well-served by the following mix:
Steven Saban, The Wow Report: It’s insanely wow.
Stereogum: The freshest Britney gossip.
Superficial: Celebs T&A
Jossip: Reads like Gawker’s training ground.
Standard Deviance: Ditto above.