Noted: Links

WeatherBug is blogging Hurricane Charlie: One of the benefits of having a blogger do your PR. Dave Shea on web design: ‘Everything looks like a blog.’ Fewer children in Japan means very pampered pets–19 million of them, to be exact.
Terry Heaton, TV News in a Postmodern World–Local TV’s New Deadlines: “The marketplace is ripe for a local station to have the balls to break stories online .” (Via Doc)
Jon Udell on Primetime Hypermedia: “It’s increasingly feasible to create and share media content online.”
John Battelle(and some great commentators) : Putting Ads in RSS feeds and other revenue questions.
Paul Ford, Confessions of a Geek: ‘When I discovered computers, I used to hide the manuals, so that no one could see.’