• Clusty categories

    Playing with Clusty, the new search engine that groups results in clusters and am delighted to find out it has tabs for gossip and shopping (powered by Biz Rate), as well as an encyclopedia tab that features Wikipedia. The service allows you to add additional tabs for eBay, blogs and some other things, and to… Continue Reading

  • Dylan speaks

    “..Privacy is something you can sell, but you can’t buy it back.” –Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol.1, Simon & Schuster, 2004 (Via Newsweek)

  • Help wanted: AOL to launch teen radio

    Came across this today: JOB DESCRIPTION: RED, America Online’s service for more than 5 million teens, is seeking two NYC-based DJs to develop and host their own shows — each a live, unique program targeted to a young, hip, music-crazy online audience aged 13-17. State-of-the-art studio located at exciting and interactive Times Square location. Successful… Continue Reading

  • Ecommerce: Site search drives sales at PacSun

    Internet Retailer has an interview with Stacy Clark, director of e-commerce at Pacific Sun, a teen clothing chain, explaining how Atomz-powered site search is driving sales on the PacSun site. Apparently, the more detailed, ranked search results permit a level of discovery that has translated into a 25-50% pop in sales. I’d like to know… Continue Reading

  • Bill Day named CEO at When U

    Just when you thought the search field was maturing, something new happens(thank god!). WhenU, a “desktop advertising network” similar to Claria–has just named former About.com CEO Bill Day as their CEO. Bill is not only a smart guy, he’s one of the people who formed Sprinks, now a part of Google, which in turn spun… Continue Reading

  • When media mavens marry

    NY Magazine editor Chris Lehmann, on his 4 and 1/2 year marriage to Anne Marie Cox, aka Wonkette: “Our marriage proves that you can talk slutty and still be a devoted spouse.” (Via Richard Lieby, WashPo)

  • The earth moved: 6.0 Cali quake

    The porch shook…sideways…and again. I sat up. It kept shaking. ‘Just like last time. It’s an earthquake,’ I told myself. And it was. 6.0 on the Richter scale, epicenter near Pasa Robles. Damn.