Back on the grid

Yep, back to reality.
Vacation was great–more than a week offline w/o cell phones, email, blogs, web pages, or news.
We were in a northern Humboldt County, at a place called the Sandy Bar Ranch Cabins, swimming in the Klamath River, hiking a bit (it was kinda hot), making dinner with fresh-picked local produce, reading, and drinking Herradura Reposado tequila(we brought that from San Jose.)
Read A Widow for One Year, Peter Coyote’s Sleeping Where I Fall (which has a great deal of info about Orleans, Soames Bar, After Such Knowledge and Natalia Ginzburg’s A Place to Live–and the 600-page September issue of Vogue, which took days to get through.
(And by the way, Doc Searls KMUD is a terrific radio station.)
Mostly, it looked like this: