Copy this: BBC Newstracker

Finally! BBC News has begin to integrate news and blog feeds along side published stories. Drawing on feed from Moreover,the staff’s created a box to run with specific articles labeled From other news sites.
Robert Andrews has a nice writeup of the new product, called Newstracker, and Heibo Hebig takes note as well.
The BBC’s model of complementing their product and user experience by linking out is a model that everyone in the online information business should look at closely.
The BBC implementation shows one aspect of the power of syndication/RSS/XML and suggests ways that content can be repackaged dynamically with timeliness, influence, and relevance as factors.
American publishers: How about some news entities be as brave as CNET and the BBC and open up your news experience using the new search & directory tools? Why not try giving the engaged audience what they want and adding some (additional) value to your online products?
This is what intelligent users want–and if you don’t provide it, they will spend less time on your site so they can get it elsewhere.
Anyone who wants to talk about this, contact me. I’m obsessed.