Ecommerce: Site search drives sales at PacSun

Internet Retailer has an interview with Stacy Clark, director of e-commerce at Pacific Sun, a teen clothing chain, explaining how Atomz-powered site search is driving sales on the PacSun site. Apparently, the more detailed, ranked search results permit a level of discovery that has translated into a 25-50% pop in sales. I’d like to know if PacSun’s done any site surveys exploring how this level of control over search results has affected teen buying habits. Are the increased sales coming from established buyers, typically over 18 and with their own credit cards–or is this level of discovery pushing more teens to grab the ‘rents’ cards and transact on the spot? If the latter is true, does this mean that providing a free Froogle search layer across ecommerce sites could also drive increased sales? Inquiring minds would like to know.