Noted: Media news

YM is for sale. Should be a good acquisition for another player in the teen girl category.
The Wall Street Journal Online and announced an agreement to integrate content into each other’s subscription sites. This is a shrewd way for CR, which does not take advertising, to expand its revenue and user base.
Wikipedia: Wikipedia has one million articles! They say that nearly 2,500 new articles are added to Wikipedia each day and that Alexa reports it as one of the most popular web sites (not that Alexa’s data is so sound). Like Craig’s List, the Wikipedia is going to have a strong impact on established media–just watch.
Media Week: American Media’s launching a shopping magazine–to be edited by Victoria Gotti (okay, not really).
Shopology: Another luxy mag for NYers planned. Is this YASM (yet another shopping mag?)
Via Paid Content: Newsgator CEO comes from Ziff Davis.