• Seraphic Secret: Mourning a son

    Robert Avrech: “Karen and I have flown three thousand miles to take part in a Shabbos for bereaved parents.” This latest post in Avrech’s blog about his grief over the death of his son and how it colors his life is so moving–the depth of feeling Avrech shares with the world reminds me why geniune… Continue Reading

  • Mother Jone: Bush WUZ wired

    Got an email from Jay Harris, Mother Jones publisher that says, in part: “Yesterday, on MotherJones.com, we released new photos from all three debates and an analysis by NASA scientist Robert M. Nelson, who normally spends his days analyzing and enhancing photo images sent across the depths of space by the Cassini and other space… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Media

    Peter Zollman: Directory services are bypassing local newspapers. And? MercNews: Tony Ridder supports San Jose. Wish the city was as well-run as Knight Ridder. UPN: Missy Elliott’s doing a reality show, starting Jan. 5 Damn, can’t wait to see this–she is so talented. Mediapost: BellSouth Corp.’s RealPages, a print and online Yellow Pages provider, will… Continue Reading

  • First pass Holiday gift list

    For a change, I am planning ahead this year and ordering cards and gifts early. Some items on the list: –Custom cards from Fresno-based letterpressed, which I found on Fresno Famous (started reading cause of my Britney news addiction– hubby’s from Frezyes.) — Giant Robot and Kid Robot : t-shirts and stuff–scammed off the lovely… Continue Reading

  • Ecommerce updates

    Internet Retailer: New Jupiter study reports that most online shoppers aren’t able to search sites the way they’d like to: by brand, price and style. Drugstore.com, 1-800-Flowers.com and CompUsa.com get high marks for product search. (Via Marketing Vox) Kelsey Group: New survey reports online search users most often use mapping sites and general search sites,… Continue Reading

  • Measuring newsreader usage by feed sub clicks

    Rich Skrenta of Topix.net discusses both the percentage of readers using RSS clients and the popularity of specific clients. Some data from Rich on clicks per story for users of specific clients: Newsgator, 29% Feedster, 24% MyYahoo, 20% Intravnews., 4% Netnewswire. 4% Pluck, 3% Sharpreader, 3% Feedreader, 2% Feeddemon, 2% Firefox, 2%$ Bloglines, Rojo and… Continue Reading

  • Will Yahoo buy CBS Marketwatch?

    The Deal: ” Yahoo! Inc. is emerging as a leading bidder for MarketWatch Inc., although the Internet giant will face stiff competition from CBS parent Viacom Inc. and other media conglomerates for the rights to buy the online financial news company.” (Via Paid Content) MW would be an interesting fit if Yahoo is interested in… Continue Reading

  • Meet Manolo, the shoe guy

    Mary Hodder’s pointed to the funnest new blog– Manolo’s Shoe Blog–purportedly written by shoemeister Manolo and filled with posts on–suprise–shoes. This is the funniest thing since “Tinkerbelle Hilton” kept a diary–courtesy of dong resin. LOL.

  • Noted: New hires & then some

    Weblogs Inc: Shawn Gold, the man responsible for some of Rare Medium’s early candy ads for kids, joins as VP, Sales and Marketing; Judith Meskill now editorial director. (Via Paid Content) INDTV: David Neuman and Anne Zehren have been named to the senior management team at INdTV–Neuman will serve as president, programming, and Zehren as… Continue Reading

  • Omidyar’s making investments

    Given that the mission statement for Omidyar Networks investments is “of the people, by the people, for the people,” their recent investment in Linden Lab’s virtual reality environment, Second Life, caught my attention. Announcement was that Benchmark Capital kicked in $8MM with Omidyar participation. Omidyar said: “Second Life has a vibrant community where content creators… Continue Reading