Ben Johnson’s Soapbox

The blogosphere often reminds me of 17th century England, where Ben Johnson and his cronies posted broadsides on the coffee house walls.
As Lisa Williams says, we all live in the world of the Internet. In this global village, all sorts of personalities emerge–from blegomaniacs (blogging egomaniacs) to sharp-eyed newsmavens, philosopher kings, humorists, kindly community folks –and a million others.
It’s interesting to see some of the voices move to the extreme ends of the spectrum–a couple of the bloggers whose ideas I value the most highly now often sound highly arrogant and judgemental, while others I read eagerly go out of their way to be egalitarian.
And both types frequently quote each other.
Welcome to the media agora, as Kevin Marks dubbed it.
We’re back in the age of the small press, only this time on the web, and with powerful interactive and community elements–and with new voices, new tools, and new disruptions all the time.
When you step back from the microsystem and the short-term fuss, the themes that stand out to me are community–bloggers writing for audiences they recognize–and disintermediation–big media just ain’t the always preferred medium anymore.