Mary Meeker’s new report rocks the house

Morgan Stanley analyiste Mary Meeker’s issued a new report, and it’s worth a long PDF download. An Update from the Digital World, October 2004 expands on the message that accessing information online is becoming easier. Meeker & company write:
“Three factors are combining to drive online momentum: 1) rising usage of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) by content providers as a standard distribution platform for online content; 2) ramp in creation of blogs and other user-generated content and 3) Yahoo!?s easy-to-use integration of RSS feeds with My Yahoo!.”
“We believe ongoing improvements in the following areas will be important to watch: 1) search; 2) personalization; 3) user-generated content (including blogs, reviews, images and audio); 4) music; 5) short- and long-form video; and 6) accessibility(including mobile devices and the PC desktop).”
“Web-based user-generated content is at the heart of some of the most relevant and fastest growing applications we have seen on the Web (including eBay user feedback and message boards, Yahoo! movie reviews, fantasy sports game play, and blogs).”
And finally:
“If the Internet is a marketplace of ideas, then the best ideas should float to the top, with traditional mass media perhaps serving as a tool for legitimizing/establishing discourse. The driver for Yahoo!, eBay, Google, Microsoft and’s Internet successes has been their never-ending quest to create the perfect, seamless user experience, in other words, they do right by their users. What open syndication shows is that by doing right by their users and independent publishers, they also have the potential ability to do right by investors, in our view.”
This is a terrific article–crisp and clear, with good examples and illustrations–must read for everyone in the biz–including the folks at the Associated Press, who will see themselves referenced quite a bit.