Mother Jone: Bush WUZ wired

Got an email from Jay Harris, Mother Jones publisher that says, in part: “Yesterday, on, we released new photos from all three debates and an analysis by NASA scientist Robert M. Nelson, who normally spends his days analyzing and enhancing photo images sent across the depths of space by the Cassini and other space probes. He has turned his expertise to images of the president in his three debates. His conclusion: “George Bush is obviously wearing something — probably a receiver of some kind — under his jacket for each debate.”
Harris adds: “Nelson’s work makes one thing abundantly clear: the White House, the Bush campaign, and the president himself ­have been lying about the bulge in his suit.
So what explains the bulge? Was Bush cheating and getting help with his debate responses? And, if the photos so clearly show a device hidden under the President?s jacket, why hasn?t the press been more aggressive in pursuing an honest explanation?”
Harris says he is sending info to the wider news media–and to bloggers– to try to get more mainstream coverage.
Somehow, I don’t see America’s largest news outlets picking this up before Nov. 2nd, but it sure does seem like Bush was wearing a wire.