New & 2, a next-generation newsreader announced this week. I helped create this, so of course I want everyone to try it out. Chris Alden, Tim Caitlin, Kevin Burton did the yoeman’s work–see for yourself.
Snap: It’s not just people who’ve come back into the game, it’s the URLs. SNAP, once a portal that spawned NBCi, is now a new search tool from IdeaLab. Stu Watson’s new RSS/shopping beta gets a viewing.
Zawodny, Jarvis and Rafat all have related good reads. Conference really picks up tomorrow.
Related: Grouper also announced this week, but this cool private groups s/w from the founders of AOL-acquired Spinner is already drawing fire for DRM issues. Uh-oh.
And one more thing..a quote from Mary Hodder: “If Web 1.0 was about making the internet usable for users, I’m stumped. Cause it’s not very usable.”