College by the numbers: comScore reports that more than 12 million college students accessed the Web either from a dormitory or private residence during September. Average time spent online was 21.5 hours online–each student viewed more than 2,000 pages (!) (Via iMedia)
Kids by the numbers: A Direct Marketing News story reports that 2.1 million kids visited AOL’s Kids Online (KOL) during August. Driven in part by AOL Kids Radio, time spent online for AOL kid subscribers has jumped from seven minutes dailyto 23.7 minutes per unique KOL account. MM also says that AOL has 1.6 million registered kids-only accounts and 1.6 million registered young teen accounts. (Let this puppy out of the walled garden!)
Evite & CitySearch: Companies team up to offer restaurant reviews and invites. Reminds me of Chef Moz and makes me think Evite should create an API that bloggers could use.
NY Magazine: editor jumps ship to edit section at New York Magazine.
Media Bistro: Liz Spiers to be editor in chief. This is a coup for them–Something tells me MB is leaping up on my must reads.

New looks like Netscape’s cleaned-up cousin. I like the grid layout.

Guitarplayer: A certain youthful relative of mine who is code-named Buster has started a blog-Way to go, E!