• Mary Meeker’s new report rocks the house

    Morgan Stanley analyiste Mary Meeker’s issued a new report, and it’s worth a long PDF download. An Update from the Digital World, October 2004 expands on the message that accessing information online is becoming easier. Meeker & company write: “Three factors are combining to drive online momentum: 1) rising usage of RSS (Really Simple Syndication)… Continue Reading

  • Gary Price uncovers MSN Search prototype

    SEO Blog: The images seem to have been taken down, but Gary Price’s post on finding some MSN Search pages for a not yet released search product is worth reading even without the pictures. Highlights: — an option to use three “sliders” to manipulate the ranking of pages. In other words, add or reduce the… Continue Reading

  • RSS: Are we at the tipping point?

    Media Post: “Global content provider Factiva, a joint subsidiary of Dow Jones and the Reuters Group, will deliver a series of free really simple syndication feeds that relate to the U.S. Presidential election, the company said Monday. The feeds cover election-related topics including jobs, the economy, health care, the war in Iraq, and budget and… Continue Reading

  • Sunday (and Monday) dinner

    Cooking up what we bought at the farmer’s market, and have made the following so far: Roasted asparagus Oven-grilled artichokes with grated Parmesan Humboldt stew (this is what we have dubbed the eggplant/peppers/onions/tomatoes and other veggies ragout we started making on vacation in Northern California) Lamb stew with curried onions and potatoes Brown rice with… Continue Reading

  • Making money with blogs

    Oct, 19, Doc Searls: “I believe it’s far more important (and interesting) to make money because of our blogs, rather than with them; just as we make money because we have phones rather than with our phones.” April 13, Jeff Jarvis: “What are the issues doing business on blogs raises?”

  • Media news

    Orbitz teams with Lucky Magazine to make a travel shopping boutique. Travel–and local merch. Bauer launches Life & Style Weekly, a weekly designed to cut monthly InStyle into little pieces. Of course, the fact they printed the wrong URL in the release, and have an ugly placeholder page suggests they might need to ramp up… Continue Reading