• Bloggers vs.Journalists: Game over

    NZ Bear has a piece on TechCentral Station explaining how tired the blogger vs. journalist thing is (also known these days as pajamas vs. suits.) Bear sez “If you were an editor looking for a new hire these days, what would your first moveafter checking your candidate’s resume and clips?To check their blog, of course,”… Continue Reading

  • Scoble on Corporate blogging

    Robert Scoble, Microsoft blogger extraordinaire, has some useful comments on corporate blogging: “…what’s the challenge for Microsoft and Sun over the next year? Ship great products. Over and over and over. Hints on how to do that are here on the blogs. This is where blogs will really prove their worth. I’m already seeing it.… Continue Reading

  • Found: Japanese sewer photography

    Came across a link to Anil’s post on a set of amazing photos that are–reportedly–pix of a Japanese storm drain system sewer/public works project. What beautiful photos, especially if you like post-industrial engineering on a grand scale.

  • Fisking PegasusNews

    Steve Rubel sent me a link to a post he just did about PegasusNews, a “hyperlocal” stealth project that reportedly is going to launch a local news site in Dallas, then launch 25 more sites around the country. While I applaud the ideas, the hyperbole –and their anonymity–put me off–and their blog message seems pretty… Continue Reading

  • The Independent (UK): Nick Denton interview

    I think of Nick Denton as someone relatively publicity-shy, so it’s interesting to see where he makes appearances and gives interviews. This piece for Brit newspaper site The Independent doesn’t spill any trade secrets (surprise), but it’s worth a read. The writer sez: “Yet the nine internet sites that comprise Denton’s Gawker Media company are… Continue Reading

  • Web sites: Who’s the most global?

    How does your company’s web site do in addressing a global market? How many languages does your site support–and how localized is your international content? If these are relevant questions, a look at bytelevel research’s 2005 Web Globalization Report Card might be interesting. According to a story in WebProNews, bytelevel ranks Google as the top… Continue Reading

  • Feedster launches multimedia directory–with RSS

    Now this is very cool–and super customer-focused. Want audio, video, bittorrent, talk radio/podcast feeds? And/or RSS lists of feeds? Blogdigger has also been doing this–and it is great.(They have jpegs, gifs and Shockwave feeds as well as other data.)_ (Via Momentshowing–who says: ” I believe that we need to create a tool to bring all… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Steve Rubel: Target, watch out. Rebecca McKinnon: What’s the best way to credit blog quotes? This ain’t it. Low Culture: Ham and Turkey in a Mosque? Michael Monture: Hack Yourself (this is good.) (Via 43Folders) DMEurope: Feedburner processing RSS ads for Overture. It’s getting hot in herre.