AOL: Restructuring again

WSJ: AOL has reorganized their operation into what the WSJ describes as four operational units–a group serving paid members, another aimed at expanding free services while handling programming and advertising sales for AOL, and a unit focusing on premium digital services such as safety and security features, music subscription services, etc. There will also be a European unit.
It seems that the reorg merges the broadband unit back into a matrixed role with the other groups–Lisa Hook, broadband head, is leaving, and in the New York Times story Jon Miller is quoted as saying “We want to be a broadband company all the way through.”
Neil Smit will run the Internet access group,which will incorporate the (former) broadband unit, CompuServe, Netscape ISP and Wal-Mart Connect, a partnership between the retailer and AOL that offers Internet access.
Ted Leonsis, according to the Washington Post,will run a new division dubbed “Audience” that will focus on profiting mostly by selling advertising that reaches users of AOL’s various Web sites and products, including AIM, AOL’s free instant messaging service; Moviefone; Mapquest;; and a
The Digital Services, to be headed by AOL’s chief technology officer, John McKinley, will focus on a new premium services, ranging from VOIP to subscription music services.
This is interesting, because there are several strong players and units that have to be fitted into this structure–one would assume that the programming (aka content and verticals) group, would stay with Leonsis, but be ad-driven as in monetize those pages and that audience, folks!
The broadband team would presumably be further split up…and the AOL client team would go to—Access?