Technorati: All new and shiny

The latest release of Technorati pushed last night–and, as Dave says, it seems waayy better. I got a tour yesterday, and saw the new bells and whistles, including working watch lists, cleaner interface, improved UI for results, and–most interesting to me, an improved keyword search, in part a result of improved search query language, including capabilities to work with parameters such as AND, NOT, OR, phrases in quotes, parentheses for word or phrase grouping, and date ranges.
One of the capabilities that Dave talked about that’s gotten me jazzed is the almost real-time indexing. However, it may not be quite there yet.
When I tested this out (sitting in a session at Bloggercon with horrendous WiFi), the data didn’t show up almost in real time. A search on Technorati for Bloggercon turned up produced results two hours old.
A search on produced results 3 hours old.