New and Noted:Aylet Waldman’s blog

Ayelet Waldman has a blog. I know her as a writer and wife of Michael Chabon, but this blog is down-to-earth and great fun.
And she shares my passion for Manolo (the shoe blogger, that is).
And because of posts like this one, I am going to keep coming back–
“The baby started screaming as soon as I tried to give him his bottle and put him to bed. He cried so hard he puked all over me and all over himself. Finally, after holding him for way too long (considering how fragrant we both were by then) I just put him down and listened to him scream, “No Mama, No. Daddy bye bye. Daddy bye bye.” Lovely. This is what I get for having spend the first six months of his life attached to a breastpump instead of holding him.”
I am entranced.