Om Malik: Short-shrifting individual bloggers?

Is the interest in making money pushing blogs to become brands–and short-shrifting individual bloggers? Om Malik’s got a post describing how some sites (Tribal Fusion) won’t place ads on his blog, but will on a one-person blog with a corporate name (like EHomeUpgrade). Om writes: “I think what you are seeing is the marginalization of the citizen blogger in favor of more corporate brand names.”
I think Om is right–both that the thrill of potential money is accelerating blog publishing, particularly in niche areas like shopping and trade media–And that individual bloggers are getting a little lost in (some of) the shuffle.
On the other hand, this may be his attention shifting–lots of people are blogging same as always.
(Jeremy Zawodny’s got a somewhat related post saying: “We ought to have a unified set of blog listings and categorization between Yahoo Search, the Yahoo Directory, and My Yahoo.” )
Update Another related post by Ross Mayfield on shifting tone and energy in the blgosphere(read more constrained and shallow)