Parade’s Kravitz: (Good) Advice on writing for teens

Editor and Publisher: Lee Kravitz, Parade Magazine editor-in-chief, and founder of the now-defunct teen magazine and web site React, offers editors some good advice in crafting products for teens. Some of Lee’s tips (and the essay has lots more):

  1. Don’t pander, don’t preach.
  2. Respect their far-from-monolithic culture.
  3. Celebrate good kids and their achievements but not too much, and not exclusively.
  4. Truly give voice to young people.
  5. Don’t fear controversy.
  6. Never report a problem without suggesting solutions and/or resources.
  7. In presenting stories, color, energetic photos, playful graphics, and variety on every page help.
  8. Make stories interactive.
  9. Ask and your teen readers will respond.
  10. Use your Web site and newspaper together to create a dynamic community.

Truth is, these are good guidelines for any web site, magazine or media product. What other teachings would you add to the mix?