Thankful to be alive: A different Jeff Jarvis

For those who know and love Jeff Jarvis, it was a bit of a shock (albeit a delightful one) to come across this holiday editorial in the Heber Springs Sun-Times (that’s in Arkansas, folks) by Jeff Jarvis.
The piece starts off:
“This is the real deal about prayers, luck, and medical science. I’m Jeff Jarvis, and I have experienced all of these things.”
I was half way down the page, reading about how Jeff Jarvis’s life had been saved, when I realized it was a different Jeff Jarvis.
This struck me as the most surprising coincidence. Yep, it’s a different guy–but one who has the same appreciation for life as the blogosphere’s Jeff. And who feels just as lucky to be alive.
Heart-felt sigh.
(Side note: There isn’t any inherent danger in being named Jeff Jarvis, is there?)