What (some) bloggers think about sponsored blogging

Christian Crumlish: “For the record, I am entirely willing to sell out personally, but will only blog about what I want to and will continue to be completely transparent about anyone with whom I have a business relationship.”
Jason Calcanis: I’m a capitalist who loves to make money. Now, it’s not the money so much as the fact that the money lets me pay great writers to build build great brands that makes me happy. I understand that most media is advertising based, and I support efforts to make advertising more successful for both the marketers and the reader. (snip) Now, the problem I do have is when writers get paid for their editorial space, and their voice. Even if you tell the public what is going on, the public has to wonder about everything you write going forward if you’re in on the take. That is why journalists are not endorsing products. ”
Mitch Ratcliffe: “Seeing as I am now officially under attack from all quarters, and because none of my critics has really read either my disclosure page or most of the postings I’ve published about the ethical questions associated with taking money to place a badge and a weekly textual acknowledgment of the sponsorship, I herewith begin publishing a weekly disclosure of my business relationships.”
Marc Canter: “Blogging ain’t that hard – especially when it’s something we love to do. Doing research and diving into one of these Marqui stories – is gonna be fun and a piece of cake and something we do – by instinct.
At $800 a month, one blog a week, that’s $200 per post.
And once you go through your referral logs, comments and trackbacks – you’re sure to find at least 4 decent leads from folks who want to become Marqui developers or are interested in the product – and that’s another $200 a month.”
You decide. Is sponsored blogging okay?