• Russell Beattie groks the remix

    Beattie realizes the mash-up nature of aggregators and that packaging is king: “What happens when all the niches have been filled? And what happens when we’re all using our aggregators for most of our online reading? Then I started to think about the coming advertisements we’re going to see in RSS feeds. There’s already some… Continue Reading

  • Burningbird: Cheap-eats-at-the-semantic-web-cafe

    Shelley Powers has a thoughtful post on tagging, focusing on the recent Technorati implementation of tags, but going far beyond in her thoughts about tags and structured data. This is a rich, complex discussion with lots of quotes and citations, illustrated with some kick-ass photos. Su Chaw and others have equally wise comments, like this… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Media & Geekery

    NewsBluntly: A new Knight Commission study says 32% of HS students feel that the media has too much freedom. And more nuggets on how awareness of the First Amendment is eroding. JD Lasica: The San Jose Merc’s get a good package on podcasting. Steve Rubel: PR client Weatherbug‘s gonna be blogging for Groundhog Day–that means… Continue Reading

  • Gawker grows, launches new blogs

    Papa Denton’s at Gawker‘s got some brand new blogs– Gina Trapani‘s Lifehacker (I dig her scribbling.net), focused on technology(download recommendations and content about spam filters, virus killers, spyware, search engines, e-mail applications, Internet phones, and general productivity tips)–sounds like it’s going after the boingboing crowd–which would be most of us. And Gridskipper, an urban travel… Continue Reading

  • FishbowlNY: New media blog launches tomorrow

    In an amazing week of NYTimes media relevance, see today’s story about MediaBistro‘s Elizabeth Spiers and FishBowlNY, the NYC media trade rag she’s launching tomorrow via blog. The Times is pitching it as clash of the titans, with Gawker publisher Nick Denton and former employee Spiers going head to head, but Paid Content may actually… Continue Reading

  • YPulse: Anastasia Goodstein gets Chronicled

    Ypulse blogger and programming whiz Anastasia Goodstein is the subject of a nice profile from The San Francisco Chronicle today. “Ypulse has become a must-read for fans, from Seventeen magazine’s editor in chief, Atoosa Rubenstein, and Aaron Cohen, chief executive of teen marketing powerhouse www.bolt.com, to youth ministers and librarians trying to gain insight into… Continue Reading

  • Elizabeth Grigg: Thoughts on Biz Blog Summit

    Elizabeth Grigg‘s got some observations on the recent Business Blog Summit that have relevance to new conferences and emerging technology seminars beyond this last one. As someone who’s planned her share of these events, I’ve seen the wide variance between the we-drank the Kool-Aid and are preaching to the converted set and the “What the… Continue Reading