iVillage has curves–and a redesign

iVillage has relaunched its site and the redesigned women’s’ portal is streamlined and curvy. AdWeek uses the redesign to make a point about the increasing importance of video–and video ad inventory, but what catches my attention at the new site are the slimmed down channels–gone from 14+ to 8, and the more youthful, fresher voice–created through a increase in original content.
Hearst magazine offerings are tucked into their own channel in a super subscription-friendly way(still awaiting a face lift), there’s a glimmering of budding ecommerce, and much-improved–and easier to follow–navigation. However, what seems to have taken a back seat in the slick, multimedia design are the community and message board aspects of the site–they’re kinda MIA.
Overall those, it’s a great improvement–and one that I bet positions them for a relaunch with a slightly younger, more ecommerce-using, broadband entertainment focused audience.