Doc Searls: “Conversation used to be optional. Now it’s mandatory. Tom Limoncelli, co-author of The Practice of System Administration, and Director of IT Services at Cibernet Corp.,says, “When I’m on the phone with a vendor, I usually am surfing his competitor’s Web site while talking with him”. His point, however, is not about kicking tires. It’s about a better kind of leverage.
JD Lasica: Nicholas Ciarelli, the publisher of the site and a Harvard University student, will be defended by Terry Gross of San Francisco firm Gross & Belsky in the case being brought against him by Apple. (Via Merc News)
Betsy Devine: Happy birthday, Bets–her blog turns two. Does that mean tantrums and screaming come next?

China Daily: In China, journalism may be bad for the belly–Checks of 1,182 reporters in Beijing conducted by the Chinese Physician’s Association on Sunday showed that only 28, or 2.4% of them, were healthy. (Via I WANTMEDIA)