• Rojo invites, too

    Rojo has been getting some great press of late. It is a very cool blog aggregator with social networking features. Want an invite? Email me.

  • Christo’s The Gates: Andy Carvin’s community space

    The brilliant Andy Carvin has yet another good idea–create a blog and wiki where folks can write and share about Christo’s The Gates, the long-planned NYC art installation. Andy sez: “This website is an experiment in community art criticism. When Christo’s The Gates opens in New York’s Central Park in mid-February, the public will be… Continue Reading

  • WashPo: How to make money with your blog

    Blog, blog, blog,blog, blog–I am getting sick of this word! None the less, a very big newspaper has an article about how readers can make $$ from their you know whats. Highlights– Google Adsense BlogAds Affiliate sales like Linkshare and Amazon Schwag a la cafepress Tip jar/ donations (Of course, if you really get into… Continue Reading

  • Mark Jen: Google blogger

    Mark Jen’s blog about life and Google is back up. What a delight. Someone who has a real point of view working at the world’s most impersonal yet innovative company. Go, Mark! Update: Something’s funny… Dirson says Mark Jen’s blog has Google Ad words purchased…(Via Inside Google, Blog News Channel)

  • NYTimes: Overexposing blogs

    I’m getting so tired of the blog du jour story in the NY Times every day. Designer blogs, baby blogs, Iraqi blogs, blog stories assigned by every beat editor (When do we get education blogs and obit blogs?) Overexposure, people. Latching on to blogs to make the paper more relevant? The individual articles are good,… Continue Reading

  • Kick out the Jams, MFs

    When I was 11 or so, I thought the MC5 were the coolest–and my mother hated their music, which made them even better. Now their posters and handbills are up online, and they flash back to that earlier time. (Via Niblog and PCL Linkdump)