• Iraq photos: Soldiers who shoot

    Washington Post collected and selected photos from soldiers and their families about life in Iraq and published a gallery of the best shots. (Interestingly flickr has galleries of similar photos tagged Iraq and Baghdad.) (Via Cyberjournalist)

  • Friday night dinner

    Spencer’s just back from 10 days in Alabama, so we had a Southern-style meal, echoing dishes his hosts made: Salmon cakes Stewed tomatoes with okra and corn White rice Iced tea

  • What should podcasters cover?

    Podcaster Cameron Reilly and team asked site visitors what topics they should cover in their podcasts–and how often then should offer new casts. Some of the hot topics are business blogging (!) and CIO interviews; preferred frequency is once a week per week. Oh, and half the respondent were from Cameron’s native Australia, whatever that… Continue Reading

  • iVillage has curves–and a redesign

    iVillage has relaunched its site and the redesigned women’s’ portal is streamlined and curvy. AdWeek uses the redesign to make a point about the increasing importance of video–and video ad inventory, but what catches my attention at the new site are the slimmed down channels–gone from 14+ to 8, and the more youthful, fresher voice–created… Continue Reading

  • Noted, various

    Alec Klein, Washington Post investigative reporter (and former AOL beat writer) on the investigative process. Duncan Riley’s blogging tips: Post in the morning, write hot headlines, and post often. There you have it. Esalen workshop: California’s spiritual frontiers– Erik Davis discusses how “California’s alternative spirituality forms a religious tradition of its own. No, seriously, have… Continue Reading

  • Classifying pests, genus online

    Ms. Contentious, Amy G’s got a post on the blogosphere vermin she deals with and the ways she categorizes them–Porcupines, trolls, zealots, skewers, leeches and burns. Youch. She’s definitely got some basic behaviors pegged.

  • Bloggies site working again

    Bloggies site is back online This site is up for Best Kept Secret Blog–please vote for me– 3/4th down the page–and make the oxymoron happen… Oh yea, and Om Malik says the Bloggies suck. So please vote anyway.

  • Things we left behind

    Thursday is garbage day in Naglee Park, and over the past few weeks, I’ve been going through file cabinets and old boxes, throwing out paper that is now less than meaningful (as in why would I ever want to keep this PowerPoint preso any longer?) Today, I got to the two big boxes stacked under… Continue Reading