Thomas Hawk: Thinking about open media

Thomas Hawk: “The beauty of broadband, peer to peer, BitTorrent, podcasting, video and audio, blogs, the drop in price of HDTV cameras and the whole rest of new media thing is that it is going to open up media in ways that we have never seen before.
Most significantly, the new media is going to be a great exercise in the democratization of media and will usher in a new grass roots meritocracy based on actual talent (or trash depending on who you are talking to). Every creative college student can potentially become producer, director and actor.”
This snippet of a long post on Thomas Hawks’ blog caught my attention–The comments are in relation to INDTV, but truth is, INDTV is merely going to be–if they are smart–a distribution point for something that is already happening, not the cause of this groundswell(thank P2P, BitTorrent, eBay communities, blogging for that).