• HOT Stuff

    Jason Calcanis sells ads readers can comment on–how cool is that? Former Gridskipper editor Andrew Krucoff has his say about Gawker Inc. and that ad fracas: ” I tried, I really fuckin’ tried but the service journalism aspect of travel writing bored me to no end.” Andy Baio sleuths out Overture’s new AdSense-like product. Or… Continue Reading

  • Yelvington: Licensing RSS feeds

    Steve Yelvington asks about RSS feeds: “Who owns the feeds, and what can be done with them?” This is a great question, especially as search engines and newsreaders begin to think about seeking advertising for categories–like automotive and financial–that have been high-value customers for media companies–after all, they would profit from repackaging the headlines and… Continue Reading

  • Bill Burnham: Wish I could short still AOL

    VC/Technology Investor Bill Burnham takes a hard look at where AOL is today:”With management in denial, broadband competitors stealing their high-end customers and competitors like NetZero stealing their low-end customers, AOL is clearly getting ripped apart.” Burnham wonders if AOL can successfully copy Yahoo and thinks…not. (Via Internet Stock Blog)

  • Technorati: Why customer service matters so much

    Robert Lindsay had the best experience when he called Technorati about a problem–and they treated him like a king. (Via Blog Herald) If you think this post about Technorati’s great service isn’t going to populate all over the blogosphere, think again–we’re in a world where the best outcomes–and the worst–can make lots of noise.

  • Rich Skrenta: Search is a first step to full utilization of a world-sized corpus of encyclopedic information

    Search Engine Blog talks to Topix.net founder Rich Skrenta. Rich emphasizes that Topix strives to automate editorial functions in categorizing stories. Recognizing named entities challenges the machine first to be able to tell whether the story cites the movie star or the ordinary person with that name, and then to understand whether the story is… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Skyblog: Live Journal-ish, en francais (Via Code Consult) Paid Content: Staci Kramer says NYTimeser John Markoff‘s story favored his podcasting pals. Two Way Web: Dave Winer fisks Markoff and writes some great, smart stuff. EContent: Steve Smith’s smart story on how search is shifting user behavior, traffic and ad revenues. What’s on Tonight? Allen Weiner… Continue Reading