Analysts’ Day: Inside da Googleplex

Google’s analysts’ call yesterday included a “Day” that allowed folks into the building in MountainView for a real live meeting.
Points from the Seattle Times story on the event:

  • Google is likely to require its users to begin providing personal information to use some of its products and services.
  • 70 percent of Google resources should be focused on its search engine, even though it accounted for virtually all the company’s 2004 revenue of $3.2 billion.
  • Another 20 percent of Google resources is devoted to search products, such as the shopping comparison site Froogle.
  • The company would like to hire employees at a more rapid rate but has trouble finding enough applicants that meet its high standards.

Anyone blog who was in attendance? Or does the sign at the door NDA preclude that?
Slashdot, SEW, Greg Linden. (Via Battelle)