Bloglines acquisition: the speed of a leak

I heard something about Bloglines on Friday afternoon.
Sat. am, my friend Mary Hodder blogged the news Bloglines will be acquired by Ask Jeeves.
And now I am reading this news in Business Week online.
And on the blogs of Dave Winer, John Battelle Scoble, and Steve Rubel, among others.
How did this get out?
Somebody talked (obviously). And then someone listened.
And in today’s world, news travels–fast.
No official word yet.
Bonus: Russ Beattie has a message for Jeeves. Don’t mess with the B!
Bonus 2: PaidContent‘s Rafat Ali says: “(The acquisition) certainly makes AskJeeves more palatable acquisition target…but who would buy it? IAC?” And PC on the earnings.
Susan sez: We don’t know yet, what the actual details are, but one would think this improves the valuation of all the other aggregator companies that are also rapidly adding users.
One more link: AP story via Forbes on Ask Jeeves in Google’s shadow.