Calcanis: Google AdSense $$ is good!

Paid Content: Google analysts’s day reveals Weblogsinc is averaging $600 a day in AdSense revenue; that means they have at least 11 times the traffic of a more typical–and successful– blogging site(who might make $600-1000 a month if they’re lucky.)
Calcanis is quoted on the slide: “I’ve never seen anything like it in my 11 years of web publishing!”
(So, given that the ad placements on weblogsinc still seem to be sold on a sponsored basis–ie a fixed spot for a fixed period of time, one could speculate that selling 10-12 spots at $250 month to run across 75 sites (like $2,500 a month) and selling run of network space could be worth a $2-3 CPM(maybe $3,000 a month?) it makes sense that AdSense brings in substantially more for a group like this–but, hey, that’s all wild speculation–I don’t have any real idea what their revenue picture is, outside of this Google nugget.)