Chris Carfi: Long Tail relationships

Sales guru Chris Carfi’s posted some quotes and comments about the long tail concept and the importance of relationships. What’s interesting here is that he segues from Chris Anderson , Steve Gillmor and other digerati into Whole Wheat Radio , a small(of course) station in Talkeetna, Alaska that is also super-user-driven.
Well, one of my current favorite (non-work) blogs is David Miller’s To Philly, From Alaska, w/love , a schoolteacher’s journal originating in Tuntutuliak, a native Eskimo village in S.W. Alaska, 440 miles west of Anchorage.
And what does this prove?
Absolutely nothing, except that people in Alaska are as independent and original as common wisdom has it, and I should go visit so I am not so goddamned naive about our 49th state.