Google AdSense pushing blog deals?

Been hearing from some print/web publishers I know about pitches from the Google AdSense team to sign their sites up for the program.
Just saw this note from Cameron Marlow on getting pitched by the AdSense team to get AdWords up on his blog. Cameron posts the emails he got (senders deleted) and says:
“The email included–get this–a powerpoint presentation showcasing how awesomely Matt used AdSense on PVRBlog. They also sent along a one-page pdf detailing the same information. Here’s a copy of these files:
Attachment: Google AdSense Partner Program Invitation – Feb 2005.ppt
Attachment: pvrblog.pdf”

In other words, Google sent Cameron a blogging case study for their ad service!
Man, this adds some resonance to what Bill Burnham wrote, doesn’t it?

Cameron’s last words(almost):
“For a company that is dedicated to fighting spam, they don’t seem to have good enough internal communication to stop from doing it themselves. A 400kb powerpoint presentation is worse spam than anything I’ve gotten from a legitimate spam operation.”

I wonder how many bloggers the Google ad sales team will sign up in the next 30 days?