Jamie Zawinski : What killed Netscape

Groupware, babies. (Oh, and Microsoft).
Jamie Zawinski says:
” The one that got most of the press was Microsoft’s illegal use of their monopoly in one market (operating systems) to destroy an existing market (web browsers) by driving the market price for browsers to zero, instantaneously eliminating something like 60% of Netscape’s revenue. Which was, you know, bad.
But the other one is that Netscape 4 was a really crappy product. We had built this really nice entry-level mail reader in Netscape 2.0, and it was a smashing success. Our punishment for that success was that management saw this general-purpose mail reader and said, “since this mail reader is popular with normal people, we must now pimp it out to `The Enterprise’, call it Groupware, and try to compete with Lotus Notes!”
Moral of this story: Open source calendar projects are cool, but someone who survived the trauma of Netscape is always around to share the love(aka kick your butt) .
Sorry, Jeremy!