John Roberts, CNET News Developer, on Newsburst

The man (John Roberts) speaks and it sounds good:
“Woke up this morning to realize that Newsburst, the free web-based reader from CNET had been found. We developed the service out in the open to a large degree, and it’s surprising in some ways that it remained quiet this long. Still, we were not quite ready to start showing it to people… but that’s the way the web works, and after various folks dug in and cleaned up, the preview release is ready for readers. Mostly!

I look forward to all the feedback. I’ve been reading lots all day, and at this point I’ll just point to the Newsburst sources I’m using to keep up. You can click the Add Source link at the top of any of these pages to add them to your Newsburst.

Note: Newsburst allows OPML import and export. If the service doesn’t earn your time, your subscriptions go with you. ”
John, congrats–it is slick.