• Brown: Abandoning the news

    Abandoning the News by Merrill Brown is an essay commissioned by the Carnegie Commission on the changing technology habits and media consumption patterns of 18 th 34 year olds and what the shift means for traditional news sources. Brown says: ” This audience, the future news consumers and leaders of a complex, modern society, are… Continue Reading

  • BoringBoring

    Parody is one of the sincerest forms of admiration, brutal as it may be, and the boringboring parody of BoingBoing is both amazingly mean and wonderfully detailed–and clever. Sean Bonner has a mirror at metroblogging and it’s a scream. Only flaw is that BB is rarely boring–but you can suspend belief and just laugh over… Continue Reading

  • Kottke’s gottkes

    Okay, remaindered links: WordPress: Is WordPress and wordpress.org an open source project like we’ve all been told or is it a company? (Via Waxy) Post a secret on a postcard. Belle de Jour–Is Laura Hilton the one?

  • Elephants dance 2: Reuters pile on

    Tom Biro posts about a forum hosted by Reuters next week on blogs and the media. Sample question: Are bloggers journalists? Should they be afforded the same rights as journalists? Jay Rosen and Dave Winer will lead a crew of corporate folk in what will no doubt be a familiar catcheism. I will be in… Continue Reading

  • Is Jeff Jarvis the Ben Jonson of our age?

    Is Jeff Jarvis the Ben Jonson of our age? After reading Jeff’s latest journalism and blogging post, I ‘m tempted to say yes–I crowd round his coffeehouse broadsheets, for sure. What’s so cool? Today, Jarvis runs the changes on the component pieces of journalism and examines what it means to practice journalism (as opposed to,… Continue Reading

  • Adriana Huffington & watching the elephants dance

    Someone sent me the Business 2.0 article about Adriana Huffington recruiting high-level corporate and celebrity talent to “blog” for her new newsletter, the Huffington report. According to author Greg Lindsay, Huffington and her business partner, PR wizard Ken Lehrer are recruiting buds(and clients?) like Larry David, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tina Brown to, uh, blog. Lindsay… Continue Reading

  • Under the weather, aka moving

    Behind on all the good stuff going on with attention.xml. Yahoo! 360, Jay Rosen, but am packing up for the movers and dealing with some personal business. Back to regular–and more frequent– posts by the weekend; light posting over the next couple days.

  • Noted

    CNET: fotolog.net gets $2.4 mil (via Rafat) Paul Kedrosky likes Brian Dear’s EVDB, an events database: “A web-based calendar doesn’t work because any sufficiently comprehensive calendar is so overloaded with data that it is literally unreadable. A better approach is an exposed API for a user-editable service (okay, a wiki) via which people can access… Continue Reading