Blogspot has more traffic than NY Times? How about the $$?

Rick Bruner says that Alexa reports that (hosting for Blogger) has more traffic than
Of course, Blogspot is probably monetized at less than $1 a page, while the NYTimes is probably monetized at $20 or so a page.
Do the math.
One big unprofitable, untargeted enterprise vs, one big profitable, highly targeted enterprise. Which is offering a better return on the dollar right now?
NY Times.
(It’s tempting to let this veer off into a discussion of advertising vs.paid services but my personal opinion is that the NYTimes and Blogspot (or others like them) are going to become a lot more similar over the next 5 years–online news sites will(should) offer more paid services, and blogging services will get serious about both paid services and targeted advertising.)
So there.