Jarvis: Open Source Ad tags

Jeff’s got a provocative–and creative– concept that might solve the “I have a blog but how do I get ad dollars for it?” problem Google Ad words doesn’t solve.
Jeff says: “One solution to this would be to create a citizens’ media ad network and infrastructure and work like hell to make it the ad network of choice. But that’s unlikely to work and it only presents another choice in a world where people are getting good revenue from BlogAds and Burst and Google.”
But Jeff proposes another solution–open source as tags.
How would this work?
If I understand him correctly, you woud place an ad tag and some other identifiers and FOAF type site data on your pages and d networks could harvest or select your site to carry their ads.
“The goal is to get the ad call on any site that wants it and to collect the data advertisers want and to enable efficient buying and selling.”
So, someone needs to define how the metrics, micropayments, inventory management etc work..but this is the start of a pretty interesting idea.
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