Jersey Journal: Local paper to go tabloid reports that the Jersey Journal, one of the first Newhouse papers and the paper of record for an amazingly diverse slice of urban New Jersey is getting a new format and going tabloid on April 25th. “”Our plan is to continue doing the same responsible community journalism that readers have come to expect from us in a lively, more colorful format that we expect will attract new readers,”said Journal editor Judy Locorriere.
Jeff Jarvis, who is both Buzzmachine’s author and the president of, was a consultant on the redesign and is quoted as saying: “The Jersey Journal is going to be watched very carefully. I’m not sure that tabloid is going to work for every newspaper in the country. But it just feels so right for Hudson County. It’s the right format for this paper.”
Steve Newhouse, editor in chief of the JJ, is quoted: “We are confident that the switch to a daily tabloid edition will help us grow.”
Susan sez: This is just great. The Jersey Journal was one of the long-time local papers in Jersey, but had trouble for a while finding its audience–because of the amazing diversity of the area. The move to a local tab is a great idea and it is so wonderful to see Newhouse investing a bit in the paper. I worked in the same building with this crew for 3 years, and they’re so into their product…hope this is a resounding success…can’t wait to see it.