Meeting people through your dogs, or SNIF

Josh Rubin points to SNIF, or Social Networking in Fur, an MIT Media Lab project that uses LEDs, FOAF and all sort of other techie gear to improve the mutual sniffing between dogs and their owners, and has amazing cute pictures of his two Sealyhams.
Susan sez: “My dog Winston and I go to the dog park almost every morning, and we know all this stuff without any high tech tools, so there.”
Okay, now that I yapped a bit, I’ll come clean–this is good stuff.
(via Modern Pooch)
Bonus facts: According to the researchers, there are more than 65 million owned dogs in the United States.
Nearly 40% of US households own at least one dog.
Nationally, pet owners spend upwards of 32 billion dollars on their animals annually.