Newsweek article & diversity in the blogosphere

Newsweeker Steven Levy’s got a column about the Whose News conference and discussion of gender diversity in blog land.
Recaps the good points we’re heard before–
My question, however. is whether we are only talking about is this about gender and race, or about class and influence?
If the person who raised some of these question– Keith Jenkins–wasn’t an editor at The Washington Post Magazine as well as a blogger–would Levy have picked up on this discussion?
My point is not that we shouldn’t address these questions, but let’s be open about how Jenkins’ very good points probably captured Levy’s attention–because of his own stature–the same kind of stature many other A list male bloggers enjoyed in the real world before they ever started blogging (We’re talking top school law professors, CEOs/Presidents/Founders of tech companies, uber-consultants, etc.)
And then let’s go back to Halley’s lists of *new* bloggers and make sure to step outside the echo chamber and let more voices in, thank you very much.
Keith J should have the last word, which is dead on: “What can you learn by keeping an open mind; what can you learn from someone different? Will it be something that can change the world, or will it be something that will change the way you look at the world? Either way, this is how we all get better, by taking our own experiences, coupling them with those of others and then learning new ways to perceive and act.”
Thank you, Keith, for teaching me. (And Steve L, keep reading blogs.)
(Via Halley)