NY Times: Master plan unfolding?

Dave Weinberger reports that the New York Times is going to create a boatload of new landing pages, using current feeds, archives and who knows what else to craft the page. Dave writes:
“NYTimes.com is going to publish thousands of topic pages, each aggregating the content from the 10 million articles in its archive, going back to 1851, including graphics and multimedia resources. Topics that get their own page might include Boston, Terrorism, Cloning, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Condoleeza Rice. News stories will link to these topic pages. And — the Times must hope these pages, with their big fat permanent addresses, may start rising in Google‘s rankings. ”
Susan sez: Interesting. Not only is this About.com for news, but it lays a nice framework to launch citizen journalism and integrate via a good search application (like Technorati?), with RSS feeds, of course.
If the Times did integrate blogosphere content-and blogs–into its new architecture–it could have a potentially powerful effect(say pushback?) that could help beat back the tide of Craigs List, popular pro bloggers, etc.