Om: How Yahoo got its mojo back

Om Malik’s got a blog piece as good as anything running in Wired, 2.0 or NYTimes on Yahoo‘s resurgence on some shrewd initiatives that made them cool and up and coming once more. Russ Beattie, Jeremy Zawodny, the purchase of flickr and oddpost, the launch of my yahoo rss and beta of Yahoo! 360 all have played a role, says OM–and then there’s the spectacular financial performance:
“For Yahooligans, 2004 was a year of frustration. No one noticed the fact that company’s stock posted a hefty 72% gain, ending the year at about $38 a share. Overlooked was the fact that it had sales of $36 billion and net income of $834 million. That’s twice as much money it raked in 2003, and nearly three times the profit. It is no surprise that many Yahoo insiders felt like the Yankee fans – no matter what they did, they were going to be overshadowed by Google.”
Great piece, Om.. can we have more like this one, please?