• Susan’s new coordinates

    As of this week, I’m moving to Palo Alto. Starting the next stage in life with a kid in college and newly single. Time to start keep on keeping on. So, wish me luck.

  • (More) New Voices

    Today’s new (to me) blogger’s list is in honor of all the women who are starting over. The grand prize goes to the single parent writer of Prose and Cons, whose post on How to turn your laid-back mellow hippie roomate into a passive-agressive bitch is an instant classic. Some excerpts: “Use her brand new… Continue Reading

  • Om: How Yahoo got its mojo back

    Om Malik’s got a blog piece as good as anything running in Wired, 2.0 or NYTimes on Yahoo‘s resurgence on some shrewd initiatives that made them cool and up and coming once more. Russ Beattie, Jeremy Zawodny, the purchase of flickr and oddpost, the launch of my yahoo rss and beta of Yahoo! 360 all… Continue Reading

  • Julie Leung: Inside, we are all outsiders.

    Julie Leung is one of my most favorite bloggers because her life wisdom–and questioning–is part of what she shares in her blog. This week, she muses on how so many bloggers–including A-listers Winer and Blood say they feel like outsiders. She writes: “ … high school didn’t have search engines and feeds to display the… Continue Reading

  • YPulse: Teens turn to AOL

    YPulse has a great bit on AOL and teens–apprently, AOL Red released a survey reported in the New York Post that said: “..Half of the country’s teenagers would rather open up and discuss their feelings with a blog than with their parents. In addition, a majority of teens said they are turning to blogs over… Continue Reading

  • Taking stock of online news–ten years later

    At OJR, new vet and educator Nora Paul takes stock and asks Is online news reaching its potential? Conclusion(the rest is worth a read): “…The great promise that was seen for this as a new form of journalism has yet to be fully realized. New methods for crafting and delivering compelling news stories online are… Continue Reading

  • Whose news? Aggregators vs. creators

    Alan Mutter notices that the top news sites are going to aggregators, not creators, and asks :”If publishers eventually right-sized reporting into extinction, would the day finally come when all the links on Yahoo and Google were missing?” Mutter is dead-on–the AFP suit has gotten many news and information companies thinking about requiring licensing deals… Continue Reading

  • Yahoo! 360-First look by Li

    Forrester’s Charlene Li on Yahoo! 360: “Central to the whole service is the concept that you want to communicate and connect with the people that you already know, rather than try to meet new people. To this end, your home page on the service shows the most recent content published by people within your network.… Continue Reading