Proof: Google IS building an OS for Web 2.0

Google News has gotten a subtle redesign and some new features, the most talked-about one being a customization tool that allows users to modify their Google News home page. Not only can the order of key elements be moved around–a la My Yahoo and other My services; but users can set search queries and add them to their news page.
So here’s the thing, folks, if you’re Google, the next step is to integrate in all the other apps you have–email, search, shopping, alerts, etc. and let users add those customized elements to their start page, uh, I mean news page, as well.
And then port it all via alerts and RSS feeds (if they ever allow that) to mobile devices…with a nice new mobile interface for the customized, personalized services.
Back in 2000, this is exactly what AOL wanted to do with Netscape–build a customized set of free applications that users cound integrate together, either through the Netscape My platform, through the portal, or through the infamous and unsuccessful Time-Warner “hat.”
Google building an OS? I say it’s yes.
(Note: Wrote this at 7 am, but blogger has been down all day, so posting w/o all the links, will add in later.)